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  • Perfect For Couples

Private Hot Air Balloon

Perfect for couples!

Quick Details

  • 7 a.m. in the summer
  • 8 a.m. in the winter
  • One hour earlier for transfers
Adult (Ages 11+) per person

A private sunrise from the air with your beloved one.


  • Preparation of the balloon
  • 1 hour or 1h 15minutes flight time (depending on meteorology)
  • Landing and pick up the balloon
  • Champagne toast with pastries, soft drinks like juices and chocolate milk will be served on board
  • Flight certificate provided
  • Pictures of the activity from air and land

All the activity takes 3 hours

Champagne, breakfast and a printed picture

Add a touch of glamour with the Champagne toast, an English breakfast with the pilot and crew and also your favorite picture of the activity printed.

Additional info

You will enjoy a beautiful outdoor activity. Therefore, bring comfortable clothes and shoes.
The temperature will be the same on the ground than in the balloon.
Bring your camera to take stunning pictures of 360º views!