One year more the Mobile World Congress is held in Barcelona

The GMSA has choosen Barcelona one year more to be the city that welcomes the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019. Actually, the GMSA has a contract to celebrate the MWC in Barcelona at least until 2023. With the name of Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2019, the 4 days congress will start on 25th and finish on 28th of February and will welcome the best mobile and technological company's of the world.

MWC 2019 BCN

MWC is the biggest and most popular mobile congress of the world. Its participants are from all around the world, from the best corporative brands and with the same aim, present their products and learn from other's developements. This year the main topics will be the intelligent watch and also the smart homes, that are increasing the resources and developements to become a real part of our lives at home. Also drons will have a special spot in the MWC. The intelligent speakers and the new 5g technology will be for sure a topic to talk. But the future will say what is more interesting for the populatio, and we will have to wait to see it.

mwc 2019 barcelona intelligent watch

An activity to do during the congress for the entrepeneurs, employees and employers is to fly in a hot air balloon. You can do a relaxed meeting or a incentives activities for company's to increase the good relationship between the working team. The flight is done near Barcelona, so you can do it while being on the congress in Barcelona.

MWC 2019 Barcelona drons 

Flying in a hot air balloon is an activity that can be done near Barcelona and that allows you to see Montserrat and the best views of the Mediterranean sea andlanscapes form the air. It is an activity that only takes a morning, starting at first hour of morning and finishing at 11am. It is a perfect and original way to do tourism near Barcelona in a easy way. A hot air balloon flight is relaxing and magic. Our comany can offer you the transfer service from the hotel in Barcelona to the flying area and way back. At the return, we can drive you to the Mobile World Congress or to the hotel, as you prefere.


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