Tasting menu during the hot air balloon flight

The ultimate experience

This revolutionary experience is the ultimate hot air balloon flight.
Treat youself like a master with a gastornomic hot air balloon flight. A tasty menu inspired in the Mediterranean culture, will make your day. With a holistic menu, completed with the best wine and cava of the region of the flight. 

regalo cumpleaños opt

A tapas menu

The menu is made of Tapas and it recreates the mediterranean culture in every bite you take. This experience is a unique way to enjoy of the essence of the flight with a luxurious menu.

viatge globus romantic opt

The mediterranean culture

During the flight, the menu will be served. Choose if you want a sweet or salty menu, and start your day with the best experience ever. 

The menu, inspired in the Mediterranean culture, can be sweet or or salted depending on the preferences of the passengerss. The experience of flying over a unique landscape while enjoying a menu. It is perfect for the lovers of the new adventures and experiences.

If you would like to know more information of the menu or have alimentary preferences, you can contact with us.

vol globus gastronomic opt

A universal basket with doors

This flight can be enjoyed by everyone, as the basket is accessible with two doors. It has four ergonomic seats designed in exclusivity for this Gastronomic Balloon Flight, complemented with four tables to eat the menu. 

vuelo globo accesible opt 1

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