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Hot air balloon flight near Barcelona

The nearest hot air balloon ride from Barcelona

The secrets of flying over Igualada

Igualada is the nearest place to do a hot air balloon flight if you are in Barcelona. The flying area is only 45 minutes form Barcelona city, by car. The landscape is a must if your are visiting the mediterranean city. The pine and oak forests together with the fields creates an unforgettable landscape, from a brown fields on winter to green fields on spring. On summer the fields are yellow. The rapeseed adds a yellow touch on the fields on spring, and the poppies the red colour.

The magical Montserrat Mountain rises at the end of the region, magestuous and big, as a skyline of nature.

barcelona hot air balloon

The Anoia region is suitable to fly all year round, on calm and sunny days. The perfect way take an overlook to the suroundings of Barcelona. The wind will guide the hot air balloon and decide its direction and speed. Meanwhile, the passengers will enjoy the calm and relaxing experience of flying in a hot air balloon.

hot air balloon ride

During the flight, the photography lovers will enjoy as kids taking pictures of the forest, fields, old cottage houses and animals. On clear days, some animals may be seen runing through the fields, such as deers and hares. The balloon flight enjoys of a perfect intimacy to fly with family or lover.

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