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Gift on Mother’s Day

The perfect gift for Mother’s Day

hot air balloon flight is the most original and delightful gift for your mother on Mother’s Day. The best experience for your mother, a surprise to enjoy with the family and that you will always remember.

Our company has more than 15 years of experience and 7 hot air balloons ready to fly. What are you waiting for to fly with us?

A smooth sailing activity, started at sunrise to ensure the optimal conditions to fly. Be on seventh heaven for 1hour and 15 minutes, flying over amazing landscapes and discovering a whole new point of view of Catalonia.

Now you are in Barcelona and you cannot miss the opportunity to discover the country side full of life, fields, farms, small villages and vibrant people. And can there be a better breath taking experience? We can answer this question: no.
Our crew is waiting for you.

original gift hot air balloon barcelona.

The Flight includes:

  • Preparation of the balloon
  • Flight of 1 hour or 1h 15minutes depending on meteorology
  • Landing and pick up the balloon
  • Champagne toast with pastries, soft drinks like juices and chocolate milk
  • Flight certificate
  • Pictures of the activity from air and land
  • Return to Meeting point by off-road vehicles
  • Insurance of all the activity

The activity takes 3 hours aproximately.

Description of the activity:
Feel on seventh heaven flying in a hot air balloon in the most amazing spots of Catalonia. We meet at 7am at summer and 8am at winter. The pilot and crew will prepare the balloon, an activity you can join. After experiencing the inflation of the balloon, it’s time to jump into the Basket. After a short briefing of the pilot, the balloon will take off. The experience is amazing, floating in the air like a bird. The pilot will be pleased to explain how the balloon Works and secrets of the flying area. Take stunning pictures of the flight and once landed, enjoy a champagne toast with some pastries while the pilot gives you the Flight certificate. The pictures taken from the air and ground will be send by e-mail.

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