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European Balloon Festival

The most amazing hot air balloon festival near Barcelona

From 12th to 15th July 2018

The European Balloon Festival is the biggest hot air balloon festival in Spain and only 40 minutes from Barcelona, and you can fly with us.

If you are wondering what to do in Barcelona in July, you are reading the perfect article. With 21 years of history, this festival takes place in Igualada, near to Barcelona. It hosts 50 balloons from all around Europe and the world, with balloons of different shapes and sizes. The festival has more that 25.000 spectators, with music concerts, children workshops, photographic contest, competition flights and the famous Night Glow with the balloons.

The festival near Barcelona is really famous and fills Igualada’s air with magic at mornings and evenings. The hot air balloon ride near Barcelona are done at first hour at morning, where 50 hot air balloons fly over Igualada. Living the festival is amazing, flying over it has no words. Come to fly with us and you won’t regret.

We meet at first hour at morning in the festival field. You will help us to inflate the balloon and we will fly surrounded by 50 other hot air balloons. Once landed, where the wind take us, we will do a cava toast with pastries and juices. You will receive a flight certificate and we will send by mail the pictures of the activity. Then, it’s time for off-road vehicles to go back to the meeting point.

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