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Barcelona Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Hot air balloon festival near Barcelona
The best festival in Europe

European Balloon Festival 2019

We present you the biggest and most popular hot air balloon festival in south Europe. Only 40 minutes from Barcelona, you can fly with us surounded by 50 hot air balloons. This magic event is held in Igualada from 11th to 14th July.

The event meets 50 pilots from all around the world and an average of 25k spectators. The city of Igualada is full of activities related to the balloons, such as wind igloo’s, kids and adults workshops, musical events, photographic contests… and the star of the festival, the Night Glow (on 13th July).

The European Balloon Festival includes a balloon competition that adds a touch of adrenaline. The balloons compete in several tasks on their morning and evening hot air balloon flights. The passengers can only fly on the morning flights, where the 50 balloons rise. On evening flights, the meteo tends to be windy and only a few balloons are brave to takeoff, surrounded by the crowd and epic music to do it special every afternoon from the 11th to the 13th July. On 14th July the festival ends after the morning flight with passengers.

And if you want to live a more unique experience, join us during the festival. Be a member of our team during the 4 days of the festival. Fly in a hot air balloon and also help on retrieving. Take part on the amazing Night Glow and also learn to prepare a competition. Have the tasty breakfast and dinners the festival cooks. Discover the hot air ballooning from the very inside. Are you ready to live an incredible experience with us?

barcelona hot air balloon


  • We will meet at sunrise in the fiesta field and we will give you the welcome pack.
  • You will be guided you to your balloon and you will be able to enjoy the preparation of the balloon.
  • The flight will take 1 hour approximately.
  • Once landed, we will collect the balloon, and in you want, it is an activity you can join.
  • We will do a champagne toast with pastries and the pilot will give you the flight certificate.
  • The pictures of the activity will be sended by email.
  • Our off-road vehicles will drive us back to the starting point.
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