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A fantastic European Balloon Festival

EBF 22nd edition Barcelona

Hot air balloon flight, a must do near Barcelona

We close a fantastic European Balloon Festival

After a fantastic European Balloon Festival by the city of Barcelona, Camins de Vent closes one year more with amazing feelings. We want to give a big thank to the organization for all the work before and during the festival to make a fantastic 22nd edition. An amazing festival near Barcelona, only 40 minutes driving. We had passengers from all around the world, therefore we give a big thanks to all our passengers, that trust in us to fly and live the festival. And last but not least, we want to give a big thank you yo all our team for all work and passion, to make everything easy and perfect and for filling the airfield with red t-shirts.

caminsdevent team

Igualada (Barcelona) has held more than 50 hot air balloons from all around the world in a festival that took 4 days and 7 flights. Tourist from all the world that were in Barcelona came to see the festival, as it’s one of the must do in Barcelona.

You can fly with us every day of the year, not only during the festival.
We fly all over Catalonia.

night glow igualada

We close the 22nd edition of the European Balloon Festival looking forward for next year.

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